Hello! My name is Logan Arkema, and this is my personal website / hobby project.

A bit about me. I’m trying to help make computers, among other things, work for and protect everyday people, especially those in marginalized communities. Right now, that means I’m employed performing independent audits of government information technology, privacy, and cybersecurity programs. The idea is to ensure those programs and systems are appropriately serving the public while protecting our information and privacy, but at the very least we let people know when they fall short. More generally, I like to fiddle with computers, take deep dives wherever I can, and try to communicate the connections between technology and its impacts on privacy, equity, transparency, accountability, and other important social values. (I do not, however, like web design - which is why this site is as bare-bones as it is).

I also represent fellow technical young professionals in my International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers local as a union rep (aka steward) and on my union’s bargaining committee. I’ve been involved in the labor movement more informally for a while, including as part of a group of organizers in college, and am a strong believer that technologists should organize, even if we’re already paid well, to have more power over the products we’re expected to build.

Some of the research I’ve done and reports I’ve helped write are available under publications. I’ve created a blog page, though I doubt I’ll update it much. If you want to know the kind of stuff I’d tell you if you wanted to hire me, I’ve thrown together a web version of my resume.

About This Site

This site was made using the academicpages template, and is powered by Jekyll. One day, I may get to writing a blog post about my pipeline for configuring this blog. In the meantime, suffice to say I’m not doing anything terribly complicated.

I’ve put a little bit of effort into describing how this site may impact your privacy, the data that may be exposed to this site’s hosting provider, and what additional tools you can use to enhance your privacy in a quick privacy policy.